WriteCast: The existence of freedom and its obtainability?

writecast Jun 16, 2020

Ellis & Chris: This is our written take on a podcast. An open talking platform for the people who prefer or love to read. We will be sinking in links to websites and snippets of information to further the experience and elaborate on certain points to enable you to draw your own conclusion. Critical thinking is encouraged here!

Ellis - Hey humans my name’s Ellis from www.unchainedwisdom.com.

Chris – Brother, it’s great to gather round the virtual fire. I’ve started writing occasionally myself at https://thatsjustyouropinionman.me.

Ellis – I left the army in 2015, had major struggles with mental health before and after. This situation led me down a path which, in retrospect made my whole thought process break on the meaning of freedom. Contemplating how individuals from different walks of life perceive freedom. Is it real or is it an illusion?

Chris – ah, that blessed word ‘freedom’! I guess the starting point is to step back and ask what you yourself actually mean by that word? What does it mean for a human being to be free? Are we talking a self-driven release from what we are told is right or wrong, good or bad? Is it a transcending of our perceptions of the physical realm in which we believe ourselves to be placed? Is it the opportunity to state one’s beliefs openly? Something quite different altogether?

Struggling with one’s mental health might even be a door of investigation. For myself, as someone who survives the trauma of PTSD, I find that confronting what has arisen in my mind raises questions about all of the above. Perhaps, then, freedom is the rabbit-hole of exploration into the question “who am I?”.

Ellis – We all have different perceptions of freedom. I think, over many decades it has been misconstrued for the gains of others. For me, like you dude (Chris) my struggle with PTSD is what turned me away from the freedom we think we know today. Mainstream history recites that the lives lost in wars is what gave us our freedom. I’ve been to war recently, so where did it go? To that end, many are fully aware of some of the great truths hidden truths from us, like gobekle tepe. These are places of ancient which could lead us to great findings or a greater understanding of freedom. A good place to start if Gobekle interest you:


To me, freedom comes in two types, one is the physical form, as an animal does not want to be locked in a cage. On a metaphorical level, I believe tax and acts of parliament are our cages. On the other hand, this could also be an opinion, but where does my choice lie, to be left alone. To live as I please, so long as I do not harm or steal. As people are left alone today if they do the same as everyone else. Therefore, I believe in mental freedom, which has led me also to doors of, “who am I?” This touches upon the nonphysical realm, which people perceive as energies. Especially hallucinogenic artist, they believe this to be true. The rabbit hole does go deeper, where does it end?

Chris – Ultimately, freedom lies in the mind. Sartre once said, “When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die”. So many of our actions are born from the puppeteering control of our emotions and fears, and so when European leaders are in danger of losing their control, they whip up the fears of the masses with masterly ability. Whilst even World war 2 may have been necessary, it became so largely because it suited many of the puppet masters to leave Hitler alone for so long. Yet puppeteers only exist to the degree puppets don’t exert their own power, their own decisions, their own freedom of thought.

Right now, we see this playing out all too clearly.

Until we take responsibility to free our minds, all other freedoms are but illusory carrots dangled before our noses to lead us where the donkey-owner wishes us to go. Yet as Morpheus said to Neo about the majority in the Matrix, they weren’t ready to be woken up. They were so inured, so dependent upon the system being sold to them that they would fight against their own interests to protect it. That’s as much a critique of myself. I get up, do a day of office work, pay my taxes, take out the garbage….

Free your mind Neo!

Ellis – The evidence is clear today, especially with the situation unfolding as we write. This is also revealing how fickle we are as a race. The Elites, puppeteers as you say, and I love it. I’m going to stick with puppeteers. I’ve never liked calling them Elites, as to me they are not! Dude, no need to be critical of yourself. Referring to your mention of the matrix, we are forced the blue pill from birth, the minute our eyes open, we are injected with, who knows what? And our parents sign us over to the crown. I believe my own mind set has changed completely, as you said, the freedom does lie within the mind. Freedom of the mind continues to exist, even when our physical bodies pass. Even if people do not believe in this, there is no question that you exist in the minds of others, as vivid as one allows, so who is to say whether we carry on or not?

Over the last year or so, I have sadly realised that this has gone much too far to reverse, without anguish. Our natural instincts are diminishing. The mobile phones and mental health issues are constricting our thoughts and emotions. This becomes apparent when you converse with a person who’s mind set lies within the system. No matter what evidence you put before them, and no matter how much they agree, they will not change their thought process, this leads on to sheep mentality. The waking of billions of people would be catastrophic, people would die rapidly just from forgetting how to use our most powerful organ, the brain. From this beautiful conversation, I’m beginning to realise that the freedom we perceive today, is but an illusion. My belief is that it’s not too late to free the mind, it will be crippling for a few years, but what is a few years of graft for many more of peace. Even if your time on this earth is drawing to an end, to me, it sounds like bliss to pass on in peace, free from regret, fear and judgment. All of these negative emotions have been synthetically programmed into us, based upon a few natural instincts, and they have become too much for the human mind to bear. I touch upon this in my article; Mental Health Go Away.


Chris – That’s a powerful article there brother. One I know all too well. A trigger is pulled and before I know it, I’m in a world of expletives, banging tabletops, perhaps smacking my own head – never anyone else, it’s always directed purely at self. People will read that and think, “crazy MF”. Yeah, it’s a craze, and that anger you mention is palpable. Once it subsides and the breathing returns to normal, I’m back into the cycle of ‘you stupid….’ and self-hatred. It’s a program. Wash. Rinse. Spin. Repeat cycle. Wherefore art thou freedom? The puppeteer here is the wiring of my damaged brain, damaged through actions of which I am a victim – nay survivor. Yet they pull the cords just the same. PTSD is the gift that keeps on giving…

That anger emerges from fear. Fear is the fuel of anger. Whether it’s an anxiety overload or a more subtle and more corrupting feeding of negativity by those who have gains to be made into dividing us as a species and creating an enemy for us to rage against, the root cord being pulled by the puppeteer has the label ‘fear’ attached to it. Pull this one to ensure maximum damage for maximum gain – a PTSD-formed neurochemistry gains its release. The billionaire corporations gain their money out of the fear of the economic slave having no work. The politician ensuring their electoral success by becoming the messiah-militant and ridding his (almost always a male) acolyte of their constructed enemies – Mexican walls anyone?

Freedom and fear are intertwined. Until we examine fear we remain in chains, and as Socrates said, the unexamined life is not worth living….

Ellis – Socrates, a man who has had many lies spun about him. I won’t bang on about him and others who I hold in the same light, I’ll just stick this poem in for anyone who would like a read. It fits in nicely with Chris’s last entry.


This has been a beautiful exchange dude. It’s been an absolute pleasure, from your perspective of PTSD to mine, and the breakdown has been amazing. To this point, I feel from your point of view and from mine the conversation has meandered ultimately into a sea of fear, which is keeping us imprisoned from freedom. Subconscious fear of the system, fear of never fixing our problems, fear of day to day occurrences, fear of not having money, fear of illness… the list is endless. A different set of fears for varying walks of life. The evidence is clear, we are manipulated from an early age, subliminally and directly, in recent times it’s more blatant. I believe it passes us by because of our many distractions, i.e. social media, debt and all the movements that are created by the billionaires. If you look over the last decade, these movements are like chameleons, they change very quickly on command from the media. Once again, as we seemed to have deduced, with fear. (The billionaires also own the media, see the pattern?)

Thank you, Chris, for taking your time to write this with me. Much love to you brother, I’m looking forward to the next one, if you fancy it. I have learnt a lot from you over the duration of this conversation, Thanks again!

Chris – It’s an honour and a joy to chew the day with you! I find this genuinely stimulating, intriguing and enlightening. Bring on the next one!

The puppeteers of our lives may have filled an ocean of fear and pulled us out beyond the shore but what gives me hope is this: Most people are not drowning, but waving – even if  too often they are hands reaching out and are thrashing their legs wildly. Whilst some remain willing to take their hands and lead to safety – or least support one another in a slow swim to shore, there’s life, and, one hopes, possibilities.

If only we could follow that excellent human and spiritual guidance of the great gurus, Bill and Ted: Be excellent to reach other. Ah well, if that’s t too simple for humanity to reach just yet, I shall return to that other great Keanu Reeves character, Neo. As Morpheus, hourly and excitedly exclaims, “he’s starting to believe”.

Much love, my brother.

By Ellis Unchained & Chris Mayo

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020 & That’s Just Your Opinion Man ©2020


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